We strive to provide the best service for our clients. Please feel free to take a look at our reviews on Google, Facebook, or Avvo. Here are just some of our client reviews. When you hire Kirven Law, LLC you get the service and respect that you and your case deserve.

  • When I first hired Stacy, I thought I was only going to need her to mediate. It turned out that I was going to need her for much more than that. She was up front and honest with me about retainers, what they covered, and was very informative. She was great about explaining things to me in terms I could understand, and she is very thorough.

    Several months after closing my case, I needed her again for change in circumstances and she was on top of it! The team at Kirven answered my messages timely and they always made sure I knew they had mine and my sons best interest at heart.

    Once the case was finalized again, they returned my unused retainer amount promptly.

    I am so grateful to Stacy and her team for all the time they spent helping me and my son! If I ever have a need for representation again, I will for sure call Kirven Law!


  • Dad’s you want to fight for your kids? Want a team of knowledgeable women to fight with you! These are your people!! I had Jenna and she was great!! I’m not an easy person to deal with, I’m very passionate about what I believe and I express it! Sometimes getting me in trouble. Jenna handled it all amazingly, my case and myself! Grounding me when I needed to be. Every team member I had encounters with was always helpful. In my situation I had to deal with an ex who had my kids was using drugs and was making as many false allegations and bad decisions as possible. I ended up with 50/50 custody. I recommend these guys to dads who want to fight for their right to equal or more custody of there children. Just cause you’re the dad you shouldn’t have to only see your kids every other weekend, remember your just as need as mom fight for your kids!!!


  • Mrs. Kirven coached me through uncharted and scary territory. I was very frightened to leave my husband and get a legal separation. Mrs. Kirven was my strength and backbone. She was very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive through the entire process.


  • 5/5 experience! Stacy helped me achieve exactly what I wanted. She’s good at client communication and getting back to you as well.


  • Stacy was amazing to work with. Not only was she was efficient and timely, but she was also extremely professional. She made the entire process quick and painless as she was very thorough and kept us updated every step of the way. Highly recommended.


  • When you are going through difficult times and need a lawyer who is responsive and caring, Stacy is the person to turn to. She treats each client individually, not just a number or a billable hour. I like that quality in a lawyer. Whether you need services in Sheridan, Wyoming, or Montana, I would encourage you to call Stacy. She gives personalized service and quality representation.


  • Kirven Law took complete care of my adoption case, which included Stacy’s presentation of the case in front of a court judge. She presented the case calmly and assertively, showing that she was clearly prepared. Following the successful adoption, she also handled my divorce case involving children. With her expertise, we got the exact terms we first set and didn’t have to compromise. She made the process quick and painless. I highly recommend her for her patience, professionalism, and legal knowledge.


  • Stacy went above and beyond my expectations. She is hard-working, professionals, and connects with her clients on a personal level.


  • Stacy was very professional and seemed to really care about us and our case. She was very thorough, kept us informed of every step along the way. She did everything she could to save us money by having us do things that we could do ourselves, to help the case. She is very friendly and easy to work with. She is very passionate about what she does and it showed in the courtroom. I would recommend her to anyone seeking legal counsel.


  • Couldn’t be more happy with the services I received. I hired Miss Kirven for a custody matter and in just a few short months everything was settled in my favor. I would use Stacy again anytime in the future if I were to need representation.


  • Stacy did a great job handling my request to get a parenting plan amended, we contacted her and consulted with her before hiring her for my case. Stacy outlined what the process would be and so I decided to hire her and everything went great. I am so glad I decided to go with Stacy and her firm, thanks again for your time and efforts, I would recommend Stacy and her firm for your legal needs!


  • With superior legal prowess, loyalty, commitment, and attention to detail, Stacy Kirven was an indomitable advocate in my child custody case. I called Kirven Law, LLC after I fired my previous attorney for failing to show up to a hearing. With my next hearing a week away, I knew I was going to need somebody that had the ability to retain an exorbitant amount of information, in a very short amount of time. During the consultation, Stacy listened intently and asked questions that assured me that she genuinely cared about my situation and was already concocting a plan. Before the hearing, I met with her again and was blown away by her knowledge of my very complex and dynamic case! At the hearing, I got to see her in action and it did not disappoint! She is highly motivated and has the aptitude of somebody that has been practicing law for 40 years. In less than four days, she was able to sift through hundreds of documents and put together an excellent presentation that resulted in the opposing party withdrawing their complaint and agreeing to terms that I had sought.