With superior legal prowess, loyalty, commitment, and attention to detail, Stacy Kirven was an indomitable advocate in my child custody case. I called Kirven Law, LLC after I fired my previous attorney for failing to show up to a hearing. With my next hearing a week away, I knew I was going to need somebody that had ability to retain an exorbitant amount of information, in a very short amount of time. During the consultation, Stacy listened intently and asked questions that assured me that she genuinely cared about my situation and was already concocting a plan. Before the hearing, I met with her again and was blown away by her knowledge of my very complex and dynamic case! At the hearing, I got to see her in action and it did not disappoint! She is highly motivated and has the aptitude of somebody that has been practicing law for 40 years. In less than four days, she was able to sift through hundreds of documents and put together an excellent presentation that resulted in the opposing party withdrawing their complaint and agreeing to terms that I had sought.